When is my domain authority Updated?

When is my domain authority Updated?

How Often does your Domain Authority Change?


In our last article we discussed what domain authority is, why you should worry about it, and how to get a better score. This Article can be found here…. https://hartseo.wordpress.com/2017/08/16/maintaining-domain-page-authority/

Recently I went to check my domain authority however my score hadn’t changed since the last time I checked it. I decided to find out how often our domain authority is updated, and to see if there was a direct schedule to the updates. I am obsessed with my Domain Authority as it directly predicts your overall success with your online rankings. I also love seeing the progress from all my hard work with my SEO techniques so being able to check the new scores as soon as they are updated is important to me. I did some research, and there is an internet thread from one of the major domain authority checker websites, that tell you when they are making the next update. The link for that thread is here….






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When is my domain authority Updated?

How Often does your Domain Authority Change?


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