The power of Alt Tags

The Power of Alt Tags

No content just pictures/ media add Alt Tags for SEO!


Recently Hart SEO has worked with several media based business/ individuals who requested for both SEO services as well as web design. These clients range from Photographers to Musicians, and their main focus with their website is to grab the viewers attention without the use of words but with images/ videos. One of the keys for Search Engine Optimization is to properly insert keywords throughout the website to let Search Engines categorize your website properly as what you want it to be found under. With no text inside the website how could we at Hart SEO in Jacksonville Florida properly work on their SEO? The key is by using Alt Tags. What are Alt Tags? Alt Tags are inserted in the website html, and tells search engines what a picture is. Search Engines send bots not actual humans to your site, and these bots cannot see pictures, but they can grab information from alt tags within pictures.


As you can see in the image above Hart SEO has used an alt tag to add to their SEO on their website. The picture is just a generate picture of Jacksonville, Florida, and that is exactly what they wrote within their alt tag.

If you need a Website created with similar properties or just a website with the highest Search Engine Optimization expertise included within Call Hart SEO today!

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The Power of Alt Tags

No content just pictures/ media add Alt Tags for SEO!



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