Web Design/ SEO in Jacksonville

Web Design/ SEO in Jacksonville

Insurance, Lawyer/ Attorney, Sports/ Athletics Web Design Templates


Hart SEO has been extremely busy in the last couple weeks creating new templates for a full range of different businesses. Some of the template designs they have samples of on their website include lawyer/ attorney, sports team for university or high school, magazines, and Insurance Agency. Hart SEO can recreate any website design you have seen online, and make it  for your business. They use HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT, and they keep the codes as short as possible so that your website will be the fastest on the internet. To see a sample of website design templates that Hart SEO in Jacksonville offer check out their website.





Hart SEO was founded in May of 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida. Originally the company was founded for Online / Internet Marketing. Over time the company has shifted gears towards Web Design, and also serves high quality Search Engine Optimization as well. The companies Owner Jon Hart had this to say about the company shifting gears. “Our company shifted towards web design as our main expertise to get our foot in the door with new small businesses, from there we can offer high rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well. A lot of companies do both Web Design, and Search Engine Optimization so it was rare to get a SEO client that didn’t also need web design.”

To contact/ set an appointment with Hart SEO call (904) 234-0158

Our office location is off of Beaver Street inside of Beaver Street Enterprise, and requires our clients to call ahead of time to schedule an appointment.

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Web Design/ SEO in Jacksonville

Insurance, Lawyer/ Attorney, Sports/ Athletics Web Design Templates


Author: hartseo

Hart SEO is a professional Search Engine Optimization / Web Design Company in Jacksonville, Florida

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